Nephrogenic Rests in WAGR syndrome

Nephrogenic rests are common in children with WAGR syndrome. A nephrogenic rest is a benign remnant of prenatal kidney cells that persists after birth. These clusters of cells are sometimes precursors of Wilms tumor.

“The term nephroblastomatosis is used to describe the presence of multiple nephrogenic rests. Nephroblastomatosis may be manifest as a diffuse overgrowth of rests (producing a rim that enlarges the kidney) or as multiple distinct rests.

It is sometimes challenging to distinguish nephrogenic rests from Wilms tumors, even with biopsies. Although nephrogenic rests are considered benign, chemotherapy has been advocated if the rests are growing or if a child becomes symptomatic. Some evidence indicates that chemotherapy may decrease the risk for subsequent Wilms tumor development in children with nephrogenic rests.”

From: Wilms Tumor Overview, Jeffrey S Dome, MD, PhD and Vicki Huff, PhD. Last Update: September 19, 2013.

Last updated: February, 2015

Kelly Trout, BSN, RN

Health Consultant

International WAGR Syndrome Association